Principle Purposes
Principle Purposes of the Smoke Rise Club 

The purposes of the Club is defined in its Certificate of incorporation as follows: 

a)      To provide in perpetuity for the care and maintenance of the Club properties now or hereafter owned or otherwise acquired, such as roads, bridal paths, parks, dams, beaches, lakes and waters and any streams connected herewith, docks, piers, club houses, buildings, other structures and other grounds used for recreation and sports at Smoke Rise, Kinnelon Borough, Morris County, New Jersey, and including all the property lawfully used in common by Club Members on the shores of said lakes and all properties adjacent thereto which may be purchased or otherwise acquired from The Smoke Rise Company, Inc., a corporation of the State of New Jersey, its successors and assigns, others;

b)      To formulate rules and regulation, and provide for the enforcement thereof, for the use of all Club properties and facilities now owned and/or hereafter acquired;

c)      To preserve the natural beauty of the reservation; to create and perpetuate a high social, civic and cultural standard within the community;

d)      To provide and maintain an adequate system of administration; to make available fire and police protection for all Club properties and for the properties of all Club Members; to provide and enforce all reasonable standards of safety;

e)      To make available to Members of the Club facilities for the enjoyment of all the properties mentioned herein and to promote health, welfare, pleasure, recreation, indoor and outdoor sports, entertainment and athletic contests;

f)        To preserve the Smoke Rise Reservations private property by maintaining entrance gates and by taking over and maintaining all roads after they have been hard surfaced by the Smoke Rise Company, Inc.

These purposes were formulated at the time of incorporation in 1946. Although the by law and rules of the club have been changes over time to meet both the changing times and the laws under which we are governed by the State of New Jersey the intent and purposes of the Club have endured.

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