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Nursery School

The Smoke Rise Nursery School is geared towards 3-4 yr old children. It is a nonprofit corporation run by the parents where each family is a voting and working member of the corporation. Our school is also a cooperative; this means that each cooperative parent must be involved with the school in some way. In return for your involvement, the school can continue to keep tuition costs down and offer special activities far beyond what most other nursery schools can provide. The school is independent and not affiliated with the Smoke Rise Club Inc.

Each year we try to add new and exciting ideas, projects, and learning experiences to our curriculum. Children grow faster and learn more during their first five years of life than at any other time. Bearing this in mind, we attempt to give them as many different learning experiences as time allows. At the same time we always remember that the children we teach are socially and emotionally three and four year olds.

Our curriculum is rich in many areas: pre-reading skills, number readiness, social concepts, arts and crafts, cooking experiences, stories, class trips and in-class visitors to help expand your child’s knowledge of the world around him/her.

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